Adobe Illustrator CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts

By | September 5, 2013

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts By ZeroLag Hosting

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts

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Photoshop CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet - Tags

Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop CS6 By ZeroLag Hosting

Are Professional Search Engine Optimization Services and Online Marketing Services Free?

By | April 25, 2013

SEO and Online Marketing Services Drive Increased Revenues

To me it is amazing and disturbing how many charlatans (I don’t even want to attach the term SEO to them) push useless services. My all-time favorites are the ones who offer Search Engine Submission services as an ongoing service.

If there were shortcuts to search engine optimization and online marketing there would not be so many service providers around the globe. A considerable amount of them specialize in niche aspects of SEO or Marketing.

This is for anyone who is seeking or planning to seek SEO and/or online marketing services.

In my experience it is in your businesses best interest to establish a long term relationship with a professional SEO / Online Marketing company or individual that provides Results Based services

By Results I Mean acceptable Predefined Conversion Metrics

I am not talking about receiving colorful and possibly confusing monthly analytics reports, with little to no other work being performed. I have seen clients who have paid for monthly SEO services for considerable lengths of time who received nothing more than their monthly reports. In a lot of cases just check your site files to make sure they are being accessed and changed somewhat regularly, unless you are working with strictly inbound marketing  or content creation which you should be seeing the work that is being performed regularly.

By conversion I mean, sales, increased realistic inquiries via phone, email, live or even mail. More sign-ups, downloads, request, bookmarks, shares, or something tangible like an increase in your daily deposits.

Now it is time to sign a long term contract so you don’t lose your SEO / Marketing professional to another company.

Results based SEO / marketing professionals are sought more than they seek.

No pun intended.

In my opinion there are a couple things that can be considered simple:

  1. The results you’re achieving even without looking at the monthly analytics / statistics should be obvious.
The phone rings and it's a pre-qualified customer

An example of a Defined Conversion Metric the phone rings and it’s a pre-qualified potential new client or customer.

  1. You are NOT wondering exactly what it is that those SEO and Online Marketer(s) do.
  1. It hasn’t even occurred to you to cut the expenses to your SEO – Online Marketer but, then again it shouldn’t have occurred to you that you need to cut any expenses in a while
  1. You are thinking about increasing the scale, the hours, and the budget for your marketing efforts

Results are defined by;

Conversions =
Increase in Primary or Multiple Predefined Constant(s) Results
                                    Period of Time


Conversions =
Increase in Ratio: Client Bank Deposits x  ($Amount )Deposited )

ROI = Return on Investment

Virtual Machines

By | March 4, 2013

Virtual box software installation and set-up

A VM is a software emulation of a computer that executes a a different operating systems and programs on a host computer.

All resource request come from a virtualization layer and not the hosts computers hardware.

To use a VM the VM must be installed on a physical drive, for our purposes it was suggested to install the VM software on a portable 250g usb hard drive.

This example will use “Oracles VM VirtualBox 4.2.4” (VB).

After installing the VM software on the drive the “VirtualBox-4.2.4-81684-Win.exe” executable file is run from the drive.

This brings up Oracle’s VB installation wizard. This particular VB requires 126mb of space on the drive.

The VB can be installed using various sub-features of the VB application such as;

  1. USB Support
  2. Networking
    • Bridged Networking
    • Network Adapter for Host-Only Networking
  3. Python Support

After choosing which shortcuts to install and acknowledging that the installation may disconnect from the existing network our installation begins.

The following prompts are displayed during installation.

  • Do you trust Oracle software?
  • Do you allow Oracle VB to make changes to your system?

Once the VB installation is complete the VB welcome screen appears.

The options from the welcome screen include the following primary and secondary drop-down menu options; (the items that can be selected are bold and italicize at this stage)


  • Virtual Media Manager
  • Import Appliance
  • Export Appliance
  • Preferences

2. Machine

  • New
  • + Add
  • Settings
  • Clone
  • Remove
  • Group
  • Start
  • Pause
  • Reset
  • Close
  • Discard Saved State
  • Close
  • Show Log
  • Refresh
  • Show in Explorer
  • Create Shortcut on Desktop
  • Sort

3. Help

  • Contents
  • VirtualBox Web Site
  • Reset All Warnings
  • Network Operations Manager
  • Check for Updates
  • About VirtualBox

4. The following visual options are displayed directly below the dropdown menus;

  • New
  • Settings
  • Start
  • Discard

Finally there are two more selections to the far left;

  • Details
  • Snapshots

Again the only two options available at this time are “New” and “Details“.

From the visual options select “New” to begin setting up the “Virtual Operating System” (VOS).

We will now be prompted to name your new VM, select an OS and version from the dropdown menus;

  • Name: (Enter a name for your VM)
  • Type: Microsoft Windows
  • Version: Windows XP

The following options are available also select any of the following OS platforms;

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • BSD
  • IBM O/S2
  • Mac OSX
  • Other

Once an OS is selected the Version drop offers you all of the various version releases for each manufacturer.

I have chosen Windows XP for my operating system and version.

After clicking next you are prompted to choose the amount of RAM to use from a slider bar. I am choosing 1G or 1024MB.

Again I click next and I am the prompt ask if I want to create a virtual Hard Drive.

I can choose to; not add a virtual hard drive, add a virtual hard drive or to use an existing virtual hard drive.

If we were to choose not to add a virtual hard drive, more complex storage set-up can be changed in the machine settings after it is created.

We are choosing to set-up a virtual hard drive on my USB drive.

click next and we are prompted to select my hard drive type. The following setups can be selected from their individual tick box’s;
  • VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)
  • VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk)
  • VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)
  • HDD (Parallels Hard Disk)
  • QED ( QEMU enhanced disk)
  • QCOW (QEMU Copy-On-Write)

To set up our Database We’ll select the VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk).

We click next and choose whether my new virtual hard drive is dynamically allocated or a fixed size. I am selecting the dynamic allocation so my database can grow as needed.

We can now click next one last time and I am prompted to name my new database hard drive and set the maximum size in MB that my database can grow to.

We are going to use the default (10MB) on the slider bar and click “Create”.

Now that my VM is set-up I am going to start my VMDK by selecting the visual option “Start”.

AN information box appears warning me that the “Auto capture keyboard option is on and that I can press the host key at any time to turn it off.

You can download Virtual Box for free at

Magnetic, Optical, and Solid-State Storage

By | February 6, 2013

Mass Storage Devices

Data storage has evolved in recent years, and storage devices can vary in cost, performance, size and storage space quite a bit.

Magnetic Storage Device

Hard drives are the primary storage device in most personal computers. Hard drives use magnets to record data on rotating metal platters.

Benefits of Magnetic Storage Devices

Solid state drives are the only drives that are faster than hard drives; however the cost to store date is pennies per gigabyte.

Advantages of Magnetic Storage Devices

  • Inexpensive storage
  • Very fast access to data
  • Direct access on any part of the drive
  • Very large amounts of storage space

Disadvantages of Magnetic storage devices

  • Data can be altered by magnetic fields, dust, mechanical problems
  • Gradually lose their charge over time – data lost
  • Hard disks eventually fail which stops the computer from working
  • The surface of the disk, can lose data within sectors with regular crashes
  • Cannot transfer the disk to another computer easily

Optical Storage Device

Optical drives include CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray disks and they all use a lens to read and write information. CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R can be written to once and are then Read only, while CD-RW, DVD-RW, BD-RW are Read Write so they can be written many times.

Benefits of Optical Storage Devices

CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray disks are great to record music, movies, games, and software applications. It seems with optical storage an advantage can also be a disadvantage depending on how they are being used.

Advantages of Optical Storage Devices

  • Optical discs are portable and can be read on many different devices
  • Very inexpensive
  • Memory is retained even when the power is turned off
  • Durable and last a long time
  • Archived data cannot be overwritten on read only CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R formats
  • Can random access data no matter where or when it was stored

Disadvantages of Optical Storage Devices

  • Require special drives to read/write
  • Compared to other storage devices they have little storage
  • Can be expensive per GB/TB
  • There are compatibility issues with different drives
  • Lack of standards for grading quality and for longevity tests
  • You can write once on read only CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R formats

Solid State Storage Device (SSD)

Solid state drives use flash memory and could possibly make conventional hard drives obsolete. They are compatible with SATA or SAS, and use standard form factors of 3.5-, 2.5- or 1.8-inch.

Benefits of Solid State Storage Devices

Solid State Storage Devices are durable, reliable, have a long service life and they can rewrite and erase data very often.

Advantages of Solid State Storage Devices

  • Start-up faster due to no spin-up and they are faster than magnetic hard drives
  • When seeks on the hard disk seeks are limited they have faster launch times
  • They last longer and some are waterproof
  • All data stored can be scanned quickly for security purposes

Disadvantages of Solid State Storage Devices

  • Solid State Storage devices are expensive
  • Vulnerable to abrupt power loss, magnetic fields, and electrical and static charges
  • Limited writes cycles wear out after 100,000-300,000
  • High endurance
  • Larger erase blocks make random write speeds slow

Recent question in the #SEOmoz Group on #LinkedIn.

By | November 1, 2012

“What are the advantages/disadvantages of using | within your website page titles and descriptions? Is it better to use them instead of a comma?”

I believe the Googlebot doesn’t take this into consideration at all.

Personally I think it looks cool and I use it often. Over the years I have loosely tracked what difference using “|” “,“ “-“ “_ “ has on rankings.

The only ones that seem to cause a response from Googlebot s the comma“,” and the hyphen and “-“, and I noticed that the difference that it causes’ is just one tiny thing in a sea of tiny little algorithms.

The few things that seem to cause an almost immediate effect is:

1. Page Titles
2. Content
3. Incoming Links
4. Making sure your page title, meta-description, keywords & content support each other

Of course all of the tiny things do make a difference in the big picture especially in highly competitive situations… hence, “Optimization”

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

“Enhance, improve, augment, raise, boost heighten, elevate, adjust”

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Encarta Dictionary

Optimize (transitive verb)

1. “enhance the effectiveness of something”
“to make something function at its best or most effective, or use something to its best advantage”

2. “write program concisely”
“to write computer programming instructions for a task in as few lines as possible to maximize the speed and efficiency of program execution”
Optimization (noun)

I know I have gotten a little distant from your original question but I think it is all interesting. Hope you do to.

Has this changed with the Penguin update?… will probably be a topic of discussion for months to come.

I know one thing for sure the items I mentioned that do cause an immediate effect seem to have remained constant through all of the updates over the years.

At least since 1998 anyway.


Marketing Benchmark Report from Hubspot

By | October 23, 2012

Hubspot released a new online marketing benchmark report that I think is fantastic!

This report clearly shows what kind of results you can get by adding a few very specific activities to your daily SEO / Online Marketing to do list.

In summary the report shows that companies that increase:

Landing pages

  • from 10 to 15 post = 55% increase leads
  • from 15+ x mo = 5 x traffic

Blog Post & Articles

  • blog posts 3-5 to 6-8 xmo = double leads
  • blog posts from 11-20 – 21-50 blog articles 50% traffic increase
  • blog articles to 100+ = continued lead growth
  • blog articles to 200+ = 5x leads

Social Marketing

  • Twitter followers 51-100 = 106% more traffic
  • Facebook likes 1,000+ = 285% more traffic

As one speaking from the trenches this a very accurate assessment.

Download the full report here:

Special Troubleshooting Post

By | October 5, 2012

Here are 3 very useful articles on troubleshooting your Wireless Network, Audio, and the pest of all pest printer problems.

Sorry Mac… It’s all about PC’s today – you probably don’t have these problems anyway.

  1. Troubleshooting your WiFi connection
  2. Troubleshooting your computer’s sound
  3. Troubleshooting problems with printing

Content Monetization Strategy for Social Networks

By | August 16, 2012

Today’s current content monetization strategy for social networks is in dire straits. The concept of using the social platform to generate eyeballs and advertising revenues is in need of a complete overhaul, especially during this global economic crisis. The days of “got an idea, go to an investor, burn some cash, go back for more cash, burn more cash, get plenty of eyeballs, and hope that, eventually, over God knows how much time, revenue can be generated from advertising” are gone for now, if not forever.
But it’s not only social network investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for new solutions. Social Network Members–from Group Owners with a small to very large membership base all the way to Individual Members with a small to large number of personal contacts–are also looking for new solutions. They want to know, especially during this global economic nightmare, how they can truly leverage the power of the social network to their individual or collective benefit.
This powerful, lively, engaging, and very interactive 2-hour session with Prof. Pierre Coupet and other attendees is designed to provide you, once and for all, with both the short- and long-term solutions you need to this very vexing problem.
To make a change and obtain the results you seek, register now for this event.
Content Monetization Strategy for Social Networks
About Presenter
Prof. Pierre Coupet: Prof. Pierre Coupet is the Founder, CEO & Doctor of Virtual Organization Management at Virtual Organization Management Institute; is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997; and has over 35 years of diversified professional experience.

WordPress for android

By | March 22, 2012

A must have

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